Dress Transformation: From a Wedding to a Christening

Eight years ago I was made redundant after the UK went into recession. One of my friends asked was I upset, no...on the contrary I felt that I was able to open my butterfly wings (which everyone owns) and finally fly my own way.  It was the best feeling.  Scary, but exciting.

The best thing about self-employment is that no day or week is the same.  In the same week I could go from making the wings for the Harp advertisement, to waving a magic wand and transforming a wedding gown into a Christening gown. 

The dress was Victoria's wedding dress, and the Christening gown was for her daughter.  A beautiful sentiment.

Victoria looking beautiful in her wedding dress.  Front and back views. 

 I had plenty to fabric to work with, and Victoria and I discussed ideas and requirements.  I set to work.  Victoria had asked to keep the train.  I used every element from the original dress, but just in a different way.  I loved the delicate nature of this project and also the meaning of the original dress and the significance of what I was changing it into.  

I was very excited about showing Victoria the end result.  I had really enjoyed working on it and that showed. When she came to pick up the dress, and we tried it on her daughter, complete with hand stitched headband, she said 'it was beyond her expectations'.  I was delighted that she was so happy.  

Portraits to cherish...mother and daughter in the same, but different dress.  Front and back views

Thank you for reading, till the next time,