Wednesday Wardrobe Workout.

Today I am reconnecting with my writing.  Taking a mid afternoon break to share with you my Wednesday Wardrobe workout.  This idea came to me in the wee hours last week.  I had seen someone  wearing a red dress and it made me think of one I had made for my cousins wedding a few years back.


I had made this from a VOGUE pattern in red silk taffeta.  It has a gorgeous full skirt.  But also a big bow sewn into the back which made wearing it with a cardi, coat very difficult.  So as I lay in bed I thought how I could change this, and make the dress more wearable.

Here's how I did it...

Having freed the bow, it allowed me to use it for other garments too.  

Often its just a simple rethinking of a design that can make a lot of impact.  Skill level : EASY PEEZY

Plenty more Wednesday Wardrobe workouts to post up...stay tuned.

Christine x